By On October 26th, 2021

As an employer, are you inclined to hire professionals to recruit?

What are the advantages of delegating the search for a candidate to a recruiter, while I could do it myself?

Save time and money: a professional will be faster and allow you to focus on your most productive tasks;

Obtain an outside point of view on the recruitment strategy to adopt;

Rely on a reliable and specialized resource in your market to find the best talent in your field (directory, bank of candidates, etc.) and obtain a pre-selection;

Enjoy a guarantee on the job of the recruiter.

What will the recruiter do for me exactly?

He meets you to fully understand the needs and requirements of the position, and define the profile of the ideal candidate;

He targets places, companies or networks of contacts to find the gem corresponding to this profile;

He meets the candidates, does a complete review of their experience, evaluates their skills and abilities;

He presents the candidate with the career opportunity, your entrepreneurial values and your vision;

He accompanies you throughout the process and up to the negotiation of the offer;

How can I be sure of the reliability of a recruitment agency before mandating it?

We recommend that you evaluate firms according to the following criteria; Reputation and reputation on the market;

Expertise and familiarity in your sector of activity;

Talent search methods;

Types of positions for which it is specialized.

How much does such a service cost?

The cost of the service depends largely on the amount of research required.

But here is an overview of the most common agreements:

Recruitment Agencies often asks for a percentage of the salary or a fixed amount when hiring the candidate.

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