By On October 26th, 2021

What practices can I implement to improve efficiency and success? Hands raised? We’ve been there.

We identified four quick tips to improve your recruitment marketing effectiveness.

1. Know your market before placing job ads.

Well-placed job ads can connect you with a wider talent audience and infuse your pipelines with fresh applicants. One key to success in performance job advertising? Examine market conditions. Location is a factor to keep in mind as your budget for job ads.  If your jobs are located in areas with low unemployment rates, prepare to get more aggressive with your advertising and budget to compete for top talent.

2. Optimize your mobile application experience.

Research shows that the average mobile apply rate increased by 18% from 2017 – 2018. The percentage of candidates applying from a mobile device also increased, indicating that employers have prioritized the mobile candidate experience to cost-effectively reach more talent. If your career site isn’t mobile-optimized, you may officially be in the minority – research shows that 85% of the Fortune 500 had mobile-friendly career sites in 2018.

3. Improve your job ad content.

It’s 2021, and job ads still need work. Some of the basics every employer should master:

  • Shorten your job titles
  • Avoid using symbols in your job titles
  • Ensure job descriptions are between 300 – 800 words
  • Mention at least three benefits in your job description

If you really want a competitive edge, test adding images or videos to your descriptions. Companies with a higher rating on Glassdoor saw higher average apply rates. Responding to reviews and instilling a positive culture via your Glassdoor profile can – yes – actually save you money.

4: Nurture your talent!

Once your job advertising strategy has successfully netted an influx of fresh new candidates, what comes next? Relationship-building is key to eventually convert them on the right role. Start with small gestures like a monthly or quarterly newsletter: these touch points provide potential candidates insight into life at your company through tips, news and employee stories. For applicants, be transparent and stay in touch by offering visibility into the application process.

This is an opportunity to create a memorable applicant experience. Setting honest expectations and following through on them will naturally attract employees that will do the same.There are no ends to the creative paths you can take with a nurture strategy, but don’t be afraid to start small.

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